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Step One

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Step Two

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Step Three

Now all that is left is to PROMOTE!

Feel free to use the graphics and ads below.

Instant Marketing Ideas

Add a New Autoresponder or Ezine Message:
If you already have an autoresponder sequence set up - or publish an ezine, you can instantly generate profits by letting your subscribers know about "My Instant Swipe File". A simple review or recommendation, added to your Autoresponder sequence - or sent to your ezine subscribers, (with your Clickbank affiliate link) can create instant sales. Best of all, if you promote this through an autoresponder sequence, you have another product you can plug into your sequence that generates money for you automatically.

Add "My Instant Swipe File" to Your Product "Thank You Pages":
If you sell a product online, some of your most valuable Internet "real estate" is your Thank You or fulfillment page. When a buyer lands on this page, the best thing to do (other than give them the link to download your product), is to recommend more products. Now, you can include your Clickbank link for this product on your Thank You Page. Simply include your recommendation, one of our graphics (banner or book cover) and your affiliate link. This product works will with any Internet marketing, copywriting, home business, or related products.

Add as a Recommended Link on Your Website: Another simple way to generate extra profit from your website traffic is adding a simple webpage with a short list of recommended products and services. It helps focus your visitors on the "best of the best" of your affiliate links. Add "My Instant Swipe File" to your current website or "Recommended Products" page - with your affiliate link. Feel free to use any of the graphics on this page to promote this product.

Add Affiliate Links INSIDE Any Products You Sell or Viral Ebooks You Give Away:
If you're not including additional affiliate links inside your ebooks, you're losing extra income. A simple page of recommended resources inside your ebook can generate extra cash with no extra work. If you sell anything about marketing, the Internet, making extra money, etc., an affiliate link to "My Instant Swipe File" would be perfect.

Another idea is to create a short 10-15 page ebook that others can give away free. Make sure it gives valuable information - and includes your affiliate link to "My Instant Swipe File", plus other related affiliate programs. Post this on your website, give it away free to your ezine subscribers, or post it on "Free ebook" sites on the Internet - and watch it spread and generate additional affiliate income for you.

Add Affiliate Link to Your Forum Signature or Your Email Sig File:
If you post in forums, especially Internet marketing or copywriting forums, you can generate additional income by adding a text link (below) promoting MyInstantSwipeFile in the signature file of your forum posts. This can be done quickly and easily - and gives you free advertising whenever you post on forums. You can also add an ad for MyInstantSwipeFile to your email signature file, which also lets you promote the product and make affiliate commissions of 60% whenever you email others. It's fast, it's simple, and it's 100% free advertising.

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Advanced Technique: Redirect Script

If you know how to create pages, subdirectories, etc. on your own site, you can use this technique to create a page on your website - that will then redirect the visitor to your affiliate link for "My Instant Swipe File".

Here's how to do it:

Create a new page (subdirectory) on your website, titled something like:

Or, if you're using FrontPage to create your site, it may look like:

Then, open the page in html - and include the following redirect script:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url= http://

Then, when someone visits that page on your website, it will redirect them to your ClickBank link for My Instant Swipe File.

You can use this method to make it easier to promote this product in ezines and print publications - as well as hiding the fact that you're promoting an obvious affiliate link.

[NOTE: If you do not know how to do this, but would like to use this method, please contact your webmaster. Or, you can hire someone for a few bucks - through - to do this for you. Due to time constraints, we cannot walk you through the entire process.]