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My "Million-Dollar Copywriting Cheat-Sheet" Lets You...

"Write HOT Sales Letters That Sell Like CRAZY - In No Time Flat!"

My Brand-New Copywriting "SECRET WEAPON" is
Your Short-Cut for Writing Powerful, Money-Getting
Sales Letters That Make Customers BUY!


From: Jeff Gardner
Multi-Million-Dollar Copywriter
President, Gardner Marketing Group Inc.


"I've sold this exact same "cheat sheet" copywriting package for years for $77.77 - and it sells like crazy. Now, YOU can save $60 bucks... and get it now for only $17.77!"

Dear Friend,

 Imagine being able to cut 5, 10, even 15 years of off of your copywriting “learning curve” and instantly be able to write killer sales copy that pull in daily profits.


            Actually, it’s entirely possible – and I’ve used this same “secret” to write killer sales letters that have produced millions of dollars in profits for myself and my company.

            Here’s how:

            The world’s greatest copywriters... who charge $5,000 to $15,000 (and up) to write a sales letter... all learned their copywriting skills from masters who came before them.

            Most (if not all) great copywriters, actually collect the best sales copy from the best copywriters – and tuck it away in a “Swipe File”.

            Then, whenever the copywriter needs an amazing headline, the perfect guarantee, or a killer close... they go to their “swipe file”, find a hot piece of copy that’s already been proven to work... and simply “model” it.

            Not copied word-for-word, but re-written.

            For example, one of the most famous headlines was written by John Caples in 1925...

“They All Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano,
But When I Began to Play...”

            Over 80 years later, copywriters are still pulling this gem out of their “Swipe Files” and using the basic concept to write new killer headlines.

            In fact, recently I did a search and found these variations...

“They All Laughed When I Told Them The 30 Minute Workouts Would Help Me Lose Weight But I Got The Last Laugh When They Saw Me In My Bikini.”

“They All Laughed When I Called TAX DOCTOR To File My Taxes … But Their Laughter Changed To Amazement When I Got $1,000.00 (Loan) Check In 29 Minutes, The Rest Of My Refund 24 Hours Later And A Peace Of Mind Accuracy Guarantee To Help Me Sleep Like A Baby!”

"They All Laughed When I Said I Was Going To Create A Profit Pulling Website Quickly & Easily . . . But When I Made My First Sale Just 4 Hours Later . . .!"

            By using the structure of John Caples’ original killer headline, copywriters are able to instantly create their own original headlines for new products, services, and offers!

            No staring at a blank screen. No endless hours of frustration or confusion. No writing and re-writing endlessly, trying to find the perfect copy.

Write Hotter Copy... Starting Today!

            Great copywriters are constantly digging through their “swipe files”, looking for the best headlines, offers, guarantees, bullets, postscripts, closes, and more – to beef up their copy and make it sell like crazy.

            After all, why kill yourself trying to write something from scratch... when you can get great, cash-generating copywriting ideas from the world’s greatest copywriters - who have generated billions of dollars from their sales copy?

            And that’s why I’m writing to you today!

An Incredible "Swipe File"
Can Truly Be Worth Millions!

            You see, in my office, I have a large black 4-drawer file cabinet that holds my very own personal swipe file.

            I’ve been writing copy for over 20 years – and my swipe file has made me millions of dollars. I’ve been fortunate enough to write many, many “million dollar sales letters” and while I’d like to lay claim to every million dollar copywriting idea, I must admit that I rely heavily on my swipe file.

            After all, anytime I’m stumped for a headline, an offer, bonuses, benefits, guarantees, postscripts, pricing, or any part of copy... I can just open up the file cabinet – and I’ve got millions upon millions of dollars of the world’s best copy to look through and borrow from.

            Not copy word-for-word. That’s illegal. But I can borrow the basic concepts and ideas – and by using it over the last 20 years, my swipe file has made me many, many millions of dollars!

            Why should you care?

            Well, I had originally thought about publishing parts of my own personal swipe file, but after trying to track down some of the copywriters whose copy I have filed away, I realized that I was looking at an almost impossible job. My swipe file includes copy from over 20 years of research and study – and much of what I have socked away is from copywriters who are no longer among the living.

            So I decided to start all over. From scratch.

            I contacted the greatest copywriter’s from around the world. Copywriters who are currently responsible for generating millions of dollars, both online and offline, from their killer sales letters.

            And I asked them to submit their very best sales letters to me – for inclusion in a brand new “Swipe File”.

            I was shocked with the response I got.

            These master copywriters, most paid $5,000 to $15,000 or more per letter, readily agreed to allow me to include their best-of-the-best copy... which has produced millions of dollars in sales for themselves and their clients... inside my new Swipe File.

            Over the last 10 months, I’ve spent hundreds of hours pulling these letters apart – and categorizing the best copy from all of these letters into different categories.

            Finally, after almost a year, I’ve completed this project – and I’m now making it available to anyone who wants to beef up their sales copy... double, triple, even quadruple their sales... and write more profitable sales letters virtually overnight!

            All of the greatest copy from the world’s greatest copywriters is now available in a brand new copywriting tool I’m calling...

My Instant Swipe File™

 Grab Your Copy Now by Clicking Here!

           Now, in just minutes, you can have access to the best examples of hot-selling, money-making sales copy from the world’s greatest copywriters, including:

        John Carlton

        Michel Fortin

        Dr. Harlan Kilstein

        Joe Vitale

        Yanik Silver

        Bob Bly

        Dan Lok

        Randy Charach

        Mike Jezek

        Grady Smith

        Jesse Forrest

These copywriters have become famous, because their copy has produced millions upon millions of dollars in sales for themselves and their clients. These amazingly skilled professional copywriters charge top-dollar for their work, because their copy consistently produces huge returns, over and over again.

Now, you can borrow their best ideas and concepts for your very own sales copy... once you own your very own copy of this exciting new copywriting tool!

Imagine... with “My Instant Swipe File™” in your hands, you’ll never be at a loss for what to write. Within seconds, you can have million-dollar ideas for...



        Creating Scarcity





        Value Building






        And much, much more!

I guarantee that this will soon become your most-used “secret weapon” for writing killer copy!

(And you can get it now for under $20 bucks!)

Just a few ideas from "My Instant Swipe File™" could even double, triple, or quadruple the selling power of virtually any sales letter... almost instantly! 

Success Stories


Hey Jeff,

Your collection of instant swipe files is truly astounding!

As a professional copywriter myself, I've had days when I struggle to think of the "perfect" words to trigger the target prospects' emotional buttons.

With your product, writing sales copy has become as easy as pie. I know that I can always rely on your complete arsenal of proven moneymaking swipe files to come up with the most compelling sales letters for me and my clients.

This could be worth thousands of dollars. At the very low price you're charging, it's a no-brainer.

This is "a must-have" for anyone who writes copy.

Michael Lee

Persuasion Expert and Professional Copywriter



You're charging too low Jeff! This package is a goldmine.

It doesn't matter whoever you are and whatever you're selling,
you'll find these monster winners condensed in one place, an easy reference to create your own killer sales letter with breeze.

Remember that a good sales letter is like having a full time employee that convert
visitors to customers. So, if you want to make a quantum leap to your website conversion, My Instant Swipe File, is the perfect companion.

Thanks for doing all the hard work and making all this easier for us Jeff!

Waken Lai 


Whether you're a novice or expert copywriter, having Jeff's indispensable e-book, "My Instant Swipe File, " is like having the world's best copy experts looking over your shoulder helping you write killer sales letters.


Stuck for a headline? BOOM! You've got one.

Lead ins? BOOM!

Bullet points? BOOM!


You get the picture - No more writer's block. My Instant Swipe belongs in every internet marketer's arsenal.

Del Laird


Jeff ,

I just read your "My Instant Swipe File" and I must say that I was very impressed. It has not only pointed out some weaknesses in my own sales copy but also given me a solution or model to improve on it!

Writing copy is an art and I (like many of us) can always use help here. I give it 2 thumbs up and will be modify my sales pages as a result and fully expect to increase my conversion because of your eBook!

Thanks for a great new read!

Sincerely ,

Craig Raphael


Dear Jeff,

If you've ever studied copywriting, you know that your best way of learning the craft is to identify the top-of-the-line copywriters and their sales materials... then to hand-copy each and every example several times.

The big problem most of us copywriters have is... how do you identify and get hold of these materials? Sure, we all likely have our own swipe file. But which is written by whom?

Jeff Gardner has the PERFECT solution. His "My Instant Swipe File" contains sales examples from THE leaders of our copywriting profession. Documented, included by permission from each author.

This stuff is really powerful. Not only that, but he's broken down each sales letter into categories like Headlines; Guarantees; and so on.

I've studied under some of these top-grade copywriters. They really deserve to be grouped with such famous names as John Caples, for example.

And Mr. Gardner has also provided biographies for each copywriter. These I find inspire and encourage me to keep on with my own learning and honing of my copywriting skills. And he has provided templates for our use! So I can use these examples and easily adapt them to whatever topic I'm working on at that moment!

Mr. Gardner has obviously done a lot of work on our behalf. His product is worth wayyy more than he's charging. I'm proud to have access to this resource whenever I need it. (And believe me, I sometimes have needed it several times just in one day!)

Then he goes on to sections regarding actual techniques that work. Say you need to make your reader aware of a specific problem - Mr. Gardner uses actual quotes from salesletters written by these A-1 copywriters to show how THEY did it. And did it the right way, that sold their product well.

So much to learn here!

And Mr. Gardner has a truly logical way of organizing this Swipe File as well as a refreshingly easy-to-read style of presenting it. Very impressive. Very useful. Very vital for each and every copywriter to have in his or her arsenal of resources!

Ever struggle with providing proof and credentials? Just check out how the experts do it! Pricing justification? Cutting to the all-important offer? Doing the take-away? And never, ever forget that all-important guarantee! Hey, Mr. Gardner has it all right here. This world class group of copywriting experts show how they do these complicated techniques - and make each one seem easy.

I also am awed by just the freebies that Mr. Gardner includes. In my opinion, these alone are worth the price of the Instant Swipe File:

A detailed template for my sales letters - PLUS an explanation (very well-written and easy to understand) of why each element is important and why it needs to be there. Very useful!

A copywriting checklist! This is an awesome timesaver. Research, writing your salesletter - all there. I am so blown away by just this one bonus.

And! (This one is close to my heart.) Specific words and phrases that have been shown to be especially powerful for sales. I've spent years keeping a list of just this sort of thing... and here is Mr. Gardner giving this away for a free bonus. Wow. That's all I can say - wow.

His final bonus is an article by David Garfinkle - a winner of winners right here and now - about how to pull in the maximum response. This is powerful stuff. I can't tell you how simple yet profound this expert's insights are.

All in all, Mr. Jeff Gardner proves he's a master at over-delivering. Just the main Instant Swipe File is worth far more than what he's asking. And each precious bonus gift multiplies the value exponentially. His writing and talent for organization and presentation shine through this whole package. I'm more than delighted to have it in my possession - and believe me, I use several portions of it every single day. From hand-copying works of the Masters to editing my copywriting projects to maximize their effectiveness - this is one of the most powerful tools I have ever seen. More like the Swiss Knife-of-All-Trades on steroids!

Dot Pecson


Dear Jeff,

"My Instant Swipe File" is just what it claims to be - an all-in-one swipe file of copywriting knowledge. It combines an abundance of top quality copywriting samples with informational articles, and thought-provoking templates. The bonuses add just the right ingredients to round out the content and make this a complete source for any copywriter needing inspiration to produce the perfect piece of copy.

Jenny Evans Dunham


Hi Jeff,

I'm a little upset! You claim to be offering a swipe file? But that is only a part of what is really a complete course in effective copywriting.

The people you have brought together for this project are a veritable "Who's Who" of the top copywriters in the world.

The other thing that impressed me was the bonuses (each of which could be sold separately, in my opinion). Each one ties in so well with all of the others that I think you have created something amazing.

To be honest, your offer isn't for everybody - after all, there will always be those who don't care about making money online. But, for anyone that wants to write copy that sucks people in and increase their profits to boot, then this is clearly a must-have.

All the best,
Michael Oksa


Do you have any idea what you have just done?

One Single Download From You Has Replaced Hundreds Of Bookmarks and Downloaded salespages from my own "swipe File" Collection!

You have managed to gather some of the best salescopy ever and put it together in a very easy to read, learn and impliment format.

This is by far one of the best products I have purchased yet this year.

You are a Rock Star My Friend!
Thank you for such a great product!

Michael D Price




I thoroughly enjoyed My Instant Swipe File. I have always hated creating Sales Copy because I'm just not that good at it. My
Instant Swipe File is going to make a HUGE difference in my
profits this year.

I may finally be able to create copy that actually SELLS! :-)

Thanks so much!

Scott Raven

Raven Media Group -

Want the Same Success? It's Yours... For Only $17.77!

Using sales letter templates or sales letter writing software? My Instant Swipe File™ can easily help increase the sales and profits from these letters in just minutes!

Or, if you’ve bought copywriting courses or attended seminars, My Instant Swipe File™ can give you real-life examples of the copy you’re being taught to write, shortening your learning curve by months, even years!

I guarantee that once you grab My Instant Swipe File™, it’ll be one of the most used copywriting tools on your bookshelf. Every time you want to write another winning sales piece, simply take it off the shelf – and you’ll find all of the inspiration you need instantly!

And, to make sure that you’re writing killer copy in no time flat, I’m also including these 4 exciting bonuses with your order...

Bonus Copywriting Tool #1:
Proven Winning Sales Letter Template!

Created by copywriter and marketing consultant, David Frey, this simple step-by-step “Sales Letter Template” makes it easy for you to start, write, and finish a killer sales piece in no time flat. Simply follow the easy-to-use template... and it’ll walk you through writing a sales letter for virtually any product, service, or offer... from beginning to end.

Bonus Copywriting Tool #2:
Copywriting Checklist

Developed by million-dollar copywriter, Mike Pavlish, this “Copywriting Checklist” can give you an almost unfair advantage over other copywriters. Run each of your sales letters through this checklist to make sure that every letter is as powerful as it can be. Using the same checklist Mike Pavlish uses when he’s writing money-making copy for clients, you’ll know that every letter you write is the best it can be.

Bonus Copywriting Tool #3:
Hot Word & Phrase "Cheat Sheet"

Brain frazzled and you need a new, different, eye-catching, or unique word? With the “Hot Word & Phrase Cheat Sheet”, you’ll have the best, most attention-getting words you’ll need for headlines, sub-heads, guarantees, and even product names! This simple “cheat sheet” gives you all of the most powerful, hard-hitting words to make your copy sizzle!

Bonus Copywriting Tool #4:
How to Instantly Double the Response
of Any Ad, Letter or Web Promotion!

Highly-respected copywriter and Founder of the World Copywriting Institute, David Garfinkl, reveals his step-by-step system for doubling the response of virtually any ad, letter or web promotion... instantly!

You get all of these additional copywriting tools... downloadable instantly in PDF format... when you order today. Each of these special “tools” will become more ammunition in your arsenal of copywriting tricks. Armed with My Instant Swipe File™ and these four bonus Copywriting Tools, you will be cranking out hot-selling sales letters in no time flat... without breaking a sweat!

In fact, I’m so confident that this entire package will truly help you increase the selling power of all of your copy, I’m going to guarantee it with a “strong-as-steel” money-back guarantee!

All of this... a 153-Page Swipe File - PLUS All 4 Bonuses - Only $17.77!

Write Hotter Copy Overnight –
Or I’ll Buy it Back From You!

            Invest in your own personal copy of My Instant Swipe File™ - and if you’re not writing hotter sales letters, faster and easier... and generating more money from what you’ve written... then simply let me know and I’ll buy back the entire package from you, no questions asked.

            My Instant Swipe File™ must work for you, or you pay nothing. Simply take it for a no-risk test-drive... and if it’s not better than I promised, simply let me know within 60 days from purchase – and I’ll buy it back from you, No Questions Asked!

            Believe me, with My Instant Swipe File™, you’ll have the “million dollar copywriting ideas” you need to turn any sales letter into a winner! Or, if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have all of the ideas you need for the perfect headlines, openings, offers, bonuses, bullets, guarantees, closes, and more... right at your fingertips.

Here's a Tool You'll Use Again and Again -
That Can Pay For Itself 100 Times
Within the Next Few Weeks!

            What would you pay for a tool that you’ll use over and over and over again when you’re writing killer sales letters? A tool that will soon become dog-earned and worn, from all of the use you’ll get out of it?

            Better yet, what would you pay for a copywriting tool that truly has the power to double or triple your sales instantly? Or can shave years off of your copywriting learning curve – and help you write your first $100,000 or even $1 million dollar letter? And write these letters faster and easier?

            Other copywriting courses that simply teach you how to become a better copywriter through time-consuming trial and error cost as much as $1,000 or more. And software that claims to write your sales letter “instantly” even runs $100 bucks or more.

            But you won’t pay anywhere near these amounts for My Instant Swipe File™. Take action today – and you can grab the entire My Instant Swipe File™ package, plus all 4 bonus copywriting tools, for a one-time investment of only $77.77. NOW ONLY $17.77!

            That’s right. For just $77.77, NOW ONLY $17.77! you’ll get everything you need to write hotter sales letters virtually overnight... guaranteed!

            Best of all, just one idea you get from the My Instant Swipe File™ package can make you many, many times back your one-time investment. In fact, this small one-time investment is truly tiny compared to the thousands, even millions of dollars it can potentially make you over the coming months and years.

            The time to act is now.

            If you’ve already written a sales letter, you can use My Instant Swipe File™ to double or triple it’s effectiveness instantly – using the million-dollar copywriting examples featured inside.

            No letter yet? No worries! You’ll fly through your letter, using My Instant Swipe File™ - getting instant ideas for the perfect headline, opening, offer, and more!

            Yes, grab your copy of My Instant Swipe File™ right now – and within just minutes of investing in it, you can have it in your hands, ready to use and profit from.

            Don’t let this pass you by. The sooner you start using My Instant Swipe File™, the faster you can start profiting from it. And since you’re protected by our “strong-as-steel” money-back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

            Click here now to increase the money-making power of all of your sales copy today!

Cut Down from $77.77 to
ONLY $17.77!

                                                                                    Yours For Success,


                                                                                    Jeff Gardner
                                                                                    Multi-Million-Dollar Copywriter
                                                                                    Gardner Marketing Group Inc.

P.S. When I first started writing copy many years ago, it actually felt painful. None of it ever looked “good enough”. Then, one day I read about copywriter’s using a “swipe file” – and started filing away all of the best sales letters I could find. Since then, writing copy has become a breeze. I no longer fear “the blank page”, because anytime I need inspiration for a headline, opening, sub-heads, guarantee, offer... or anything for my letter... I simply go to my swipe file and find what I need instantly. It’s not only made writing copy more fun, but also more profitable. I’ve been very fortunate to have written multiple sales letters that have generated over one million in sales. Now, I’m offering YOU a copywriting tool that can not only make copywriting more fun, but also more profitable. Whether you’re writing copy for clients... or for your own business... you owe it to yourself to add My Instant Swipe File™ to your toolkit. Click here now to grab this entire package within minutes!



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